Due to the accelerated economic growth on the African continent and the increase in logistics activities on a DAP (DDU) / DDP basis it has become critical to create a secure financial transacting platform.

African Partner was therefore established for this exact reason. The product is grounded within a payment protection program which governs all freight collect , DAP (DDU) or DDP transactions, via a centralized accounting and customer service centre which is situated in South Africa.

The key benefits are
15 Days Payment Terms on Freight Collect Shipments Centralized Netting Accounting Centre in South Africa Centralized Agent Customer Service Centre DAP & DDP Solutions can be offered confidently to Customers Increased Margins or Revenue because of Extended services Proof of Delivery is available to your customer Advisory Trade & Regulatory Solutions Advisory Logistics Solutions Intra-Africa Hub Services & Transhipments COD, CAD & L/C Services Service Reps in Asia, U.A.E., Europe and the Americas

“African Partner” is a unique product designed exclusively for our International Global Freight Forwarding and Clearing customers who wish to offer end-to-end solutions within Africa without payment risks. This product was established to protect the origin and destination parties against any fraudulent financial activities.